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hiHi there! I’m Melanie and I’m guessing you’re here because you’re having some type of septic issue. Been there, done that…then, I bought a septic truck. Well…it was a little while later, but I did purchase a pumper truck. And here we are eight years later.

From the beginning we’ve worked A Dirty Job Septic Service as a second job. We do our septic work in the evenings and on some Saturdays, always trying to keep Sunday as a family/church day. We’ve been blessed to have customers that understand, in most cases, we work like this as a matter of necessity.

If you’ve been to the About Us page, you’ve seen that we have a rather large family. We are busy all the time doing something, and as I like to tell people “there’s never a dull moment around our house.” We are a homeschool family with five of our eight children living at home. We live on my family’s cattle farm, which is a cause of great excitement on occasion. As I said, “never a dull moment,” that also applies to this area of our lives as well.

The education we have with septic systems is from a joint effort between my husband and me. We went into this business not knowing much at all. Now, there’s not much that you can say that would surprise either of us. We’ve seen a lot and have helped repair or diagnose many problems. I did quite a bit of research about septic systems eight years ago and continue to do research regularly in order to continue learning about different aspects of septic maintenance. Dusty’s work is more hands-on, but we collaborate regularly on septic issues and there are many late night discussions about our customers’ problems and how we could better serve them.

In this blog, I hope to help more people understand the importance of septic care and maintenance. In our area of the world there are no mandatory septic contracts or inspections, and most people don’t really know how a septic tank operates. Educating folks on the dynamics of septic tanks is definitely a goal. You’ll probably see other home maintenance topics from time to time as well.

Please feel free to comment below with septic tank or home maintenance issues you’d like to know more about. I’d love to do the research and be able to provide you with information you need concerning your home maintenance issues.

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