How often do I need to have my septic tank pumped?

You usually want to have your septic tank pumped every three to five years. A large family, like ours, would need to have their tank pumped every one to two years, simply because more people means more water usage - more flushes, more bathing, more laundry, more dishes, etc. Of course, these times could vary based on the age of your system too. The older septic systems get the more TLC they need in some cases.

Why am I smelling sewage outside my house?

Smells can be attributed to several different issues. Plumbing leaks in your crawlspace, sewage on top of the ground, or your neighbor's sewage issue. With a free phone consultation, we can try to pinpoint whether you have a septic issue or a plumbing issue.

Why am I smelling sewage inside my house?

Again, smells can be attributed to several different issues, even on the inside of your home. Sometimes these nasty smells are coming from your drains, sometimes from a clogged vent pipe, and sometimes it's due to your septic tank being overfull. Troubleshooting can be done to try and determine if it's the latter. If so, we'll be glad to schedule you an appointment.